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EDIT: Soup has fixed the following problem, you just need to clear the cache of the different sites and everything should be fine. The following is no longer needed.

Hello fellow Soups, add the following snippet to your soup-header to re-enable the "show  reaction" buttons. It needs to be in a script-tag to work, otherwise it will just be visible gibberish.
SOUP.Public.reaction_toggle_original=function(e) {
                var t = $(e).up("li").down(".original");
                if (!t.hasClassName("hidden")) return t.addClassName("hidden"), e.up("li").removeClassName("original_link_open"), void 0;
                if (e.up("li").addClassName("original_link_open"), t.removeClassName("hidden"), SOUP.Public.over_post_id && SOUP.Public.show_repost($("post" + SOUP.Public.over_post_id)), t.hasClassName("lazy_load")) {
                    var n = t.attributes["data-post-id"].value,
                        i = t.down("div.content_width_dummy").getWidth(),
                        o = "https://" + document.location.host + "/preview/" + n + "/" + i;
                    new Ajax.Request(o, {
                        method: "get",
                        onSuccess: function(e) {
                            t.removeClassName("lazy_load"), t.update(e.responseText), t.removeClassName("state-spinner"), SOUP.Public.fixup_links(t), SOUP.Public.over_post_id && SOUP.Public.show_repost($("post" + SOUP.Public.over_post_id))
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